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A Free Lifetime Supply of Organic Fertilizer in Your Backyard

free-fertilizerYou heard right! We’re offering everyone the opportunity to fertilize their garden with the best organic fertilizer for free, for life.

Too good to be true? Hardly. If you want your garden to grow bigger, greener, and healthier this year, we have one word for you: Rainwater.

It’s all about that nitrogen.

The University of Hawaii writes, “Of all the essential nutrients, nitrogen is required by plants in the largest quantity and is most frequently the limiting factor in crop productivity. . . Proper management of nitrogen is important because it is often the most limiting nutrient in crop production and easily lost from the soil system.”

Nitrogen is what makes plants look green and vibrant. Have you ever noticed how your garden perks up after a good summer thunderstorm – even when you’ve been watering with the garden hose every day? It’s not the water your plants were craving – it’s the nitrogen!

As rain forms in clouds and falls through our atmosphere, it picks up nitrogen compounds (nitrates) and other trace nutrients from the air. When that rainwater hits your garden, those nutrients are quickly picked up by your plants’ roots. Rainwater from a thunderstorm is particularly good for your plants because lightning converts nitrogen gas in the air into a usable nitrate. That city water is keeping your plants alive, but with rainwater they can thrive.

Rainwater collection is easy!

BHSC Rain BarrelOnce you’re ready to give your plants a constant diet of the best organic fertilizer, it’s time to set things up – but don’t worry about expensive irrigation systems or tools. All you need is a downspout and a rain barrel. Installation is as easy as diverting your downspout into the barrel! If you’re curious about exactly how much rainwater we’re talking about, the formula goes something like this:

For every 1000 sq. ft. of catchment area (that’s your roof), one inch of rain equals 600 gallons of water!

To give an example, we collect rainwater for our garden in a 250 gallon plastic tote (one of those white cubes with the metal cage). The roof of our garage serves as the catchment area – approximately 600 sq. How much rain needs to fall for us to collect 250 gallons of water? The answer is ¾ of an inch. That’s enough water to feed my garden for two weeks from a single afternoon shower!

The number of barrels you need and the size of your catchment area will depend on your watering needs and the average rainfall in your area. In Greenville, we can depend on a fair amount of rain throughout the spring and summer, and in our garden we use clay pot irrigation to further reduce the volume of water we use. Chances are, if you live in an area like ours, one rain barrel may very well be all you need.

Ready to get your free organic fertilizer?

Planting time is just around the corner. If you think you could benefit from free organic fertilizer for life in the form of nutrient-rich rainwater, contact us today and we’ll help you get started however we can. And don’t forget, we offer high-quality 60-gallon rain barrels as well as clay pot irrigation to give you the best irrigation plan for you and your plants!

By Sam
Mar 18, 2016
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