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Our Pledge to You, Greenville

My wife and I were out on Saturday with our baby girl in tow, spending some time together and happily wasting a morning on nothing in particular, and one of the stops we made was at a well-known country store in the area. There was an air of nostalgia as we shopped, reminding me of my father’s garden and beehives when I was a small boy. I was impressed with their selection, and doubly impressed with their commitment to community. The store was filled to the brim with locally produced goods – from seeds to soaps to milk and eggs.

But while our experience was pleasant and enjoyable (we even came away with a purchase), I felt disappointment that even this well-curated gem of a store was missing what Greenville so desperately wants and needs. It was as plain as a literal sign on the wall: “POISON. Our seeds are treated. Please do not allow your children to handle or eat the seeds.” As I absorbed this sign, I continued to look around and see product after product that I would never want near my garden or my animals, much less my children. And I know I’m not alone. What Greenville, SC so desperately wants and needs is a farm and garden supply store that is willing to commit itself wholly to a natural and organic approach to the homestead and to educate others in that approach. Greenville needs a place where folks can be introduced to proper alternatives to popular thinking.

And so, Greenville, this is our pledge to our community:

At Backyard Homestead, you’ll never see a “do not handle” warning on our products:

  • You can trust us to deliver only the best natural, organic, non-GMO seeds and amendments for your garden.
  • You can trust that we will never sell a chemical fertilizer or pesticide.
  • You can trust that we will never advocate for treating animals with unnecessary drugs and topical medications.
  • In short, you can trust that anything you find in our store is going to be safe for every single member of your family and every single animal in your backyard.
  • And just in case you don’t share our sentiment, and hot pink corn seed is perfectly fine in your book, you can trust that you won’t here a word from us about it. We’re glad you’re a part of our homesteading community just the same!

Happy Homesteading,
Sam & Kelsey

By Sam
Apr 18, 2016
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