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Backyard Homestead Supply Co. is a family owned “micro-business” located in Greenville, South Carolina and dedicated to helping you supplement a holistic, healthy, and self-sustaining lifestyle from your own backyard. Sam and Kelsey Gerdt (that’s us!) started Backyard Homestead Supply Co. out of a desire to expand our own urban homestead and feed the homesteading movement in our area.

What do you mean “micro-business”?

Sam is a full-time designer at a marketing company in Greenville. Kelsey is a stay-at-home mother of two. We don’t have a lot of time, we don’t have a lot of money, and we don’t like the idea of mortgaging our house to start a business! We want BHSC to become a big deal. We want a brick-and-mortar store so that we can do more fun stuff, like teach classes, but we want to be smart about it and grow at a pace that works for our family.

For now, BHSC is a passion project. Every dollar we make will go right back into expanding our product offerings and growing a business. There may be times when we suspend deliveries so that we can take a family vacation, but our hope is to continue growing so that one day this is more than just a project.

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Our most important customers are right here in the upstate. We want to be, first and foremost, a local business. We plan to always make our online product catalog available to anyone willing to pay shipping costs, but we insist on giving priority to our neighbors. We demonstrate this in a few ways:

  1. We don’t ship within Greenville. We deliver to your door personally for a low, flat rate.
  2. As best we can, we try to carry locally crafted products and support local business.
  3. We only advertise locally.
  4. We only sponsor local events.
  5. We talk about Greenville as our home.

Making money is really great for business, I know. But our business is built on a community first mentality. One of our main goals is to introduce a way of life to people who aren’t familiar with the homesteading movement, and we want to do that by getting to know our customers and building a plan around their needs and available resources.

In all our marketing, social media, and even in our sales process we want it to be abundantly clear that our customers aren’t interacting with a “customer service representative” or a “social marketing manager”. We’re two people with this crazy idea that our community could use a business like ours.


My family is Christian and we incorporate our Christian values into the way we do business. From the companies we do business with to the products we carry, we want our business to reflect a way of life that extends beyond what you grow in your garden or eat at your table.  Our view of homesteading is all about putting thought into life, taking nothing for granted, and enjoying God’s beautiful creation. We believe there are benefits to having this perspective, and we want to share those benefits with others.

Have questions? We would love to talk to you! You can email us directly at info[at]backyardhsc.com.

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