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If you chase a lucid butterfly. . .

flowers-purple-flower-bokeh“If you chase a lucid butterfly, it will keep on flying. If you stop, it’ll turn and land on your shoulder.”  

Do you have a lucid butterfly in your life? I recently discovered that mine has been homesteading. Throughout my teen years, I longed to be a farmer. I wanted to wear the overalls, own a cow, and rise each day with my sprouting stalks of corn. I hated our computer, scoffed at our dishwasher, and scoured my friend’s Lehman’s catalog with questionable zeal. The closest I came to fulfilling my dream was joining 4-H and raising a few sheep for a couple of years.

My family thought I was crazy. I would be a writer, they said. I would raise a family. I didn’t have the gumption to take on any form of farming. Seriously, I couldn’t even keep a potted plant alive, let alone grow an entire garden.

I knew they were right and eventually quit dreaming, absorbed myself in the world of office supplies, and relinquished all hope of marrying someone who shared this silly little passion of mine. I stopped chasing my butterfly.

Then I met Sam. At first, he didn’t let on just how much he enjoyed homesteading. He owned a flourishing garden and a few quirky hens, but I never thought his farming roots ran so deep until one day, he said he wanted to open this store, and I knew he would.

As I realized that my old dream was finally blossoming into reality, I became giddy inside. Finally! I shall be a homesteader’s wife! My butterfly had lighted on my shoulder at last.

Then it dawned on me: if I’m going to be the homesteading wife of the Backyard Homestead Supply Co. guy, I’m going to need to learn how to homestead. For real.

And so, the journey begins!

Although I’d love to be perfect at EVERYTHING right off the bat, raising a five year old and an infant has taught me that lessons are best learned in baby steps. So, I’ve begun a mission. I will master one new skill each month (or as many months as it takes!) and let you all in on my progress.

This is big for me. I’d love to pretend I’m already an expert at this homesteading business, that I am the quintessential homesteader’s wife. But if I put up that facade, I’ll be back to chasing my butterfly, never making any progress.

And that’s not what homesteading is about. It’s about being real, rolling up your sleeves and digging in. It’s about learning to live in new ways and loving the process as much as the product. It’s about stopping and letting that butterfly land on your shoulder. My chasing days are over. Are yours?  

May 24, 2016