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Basil Pesto & Dried Basil

pestoClearing out the herb bed for fall, we found ourselves inundated with basil, which can be a problem if you aren’t prepared. Fresh basil doesn’t keep very well and will typically start to turn gray after only a day or two in the fridge.

Drying is the easiest way to preserve your harvest, but it isn’t enough to hang it like you would do with most fresh herbs – you’ll need the help of an oven. To dry basil, spread the washed and dried basil leaves in a single layer on a parchment-paper-covered cookie sheet and put them in the oven for two hours @ 170 degrees. The leaves should crumble in your hands when they are done. We store our dried basil in large tea-tins in a cool, dry place. (more…)

By Sam
August 11, 2015