BHSC Rain Barrel

60 Gal. Garden Rain Barrel


Note: Due to size restrictions, this product is only available for local delivery and pickup.

  • Upcycled plastic barrel – rescued from the landfill.
  • Lead-free brass spigot and overflow port.
  • Lid with mosquito netting to prevent mosquitos and debris
  • 60 gallon capacity.

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Product Description

The BHSC rain barrel is designed to deliver maximum impact to your homestead and the environment. We use lead-free brass fittings to minimize risk of water contamination. We make sure the only thing going into your water supply is water with a sturdy mosquito netting over the lid. The overflow port allows you to direct runoff away from buildings, and even into a second barrel.

Twice per year our city dumps chlorine into the water supply, making its citizens smell like a public pool after even a quick shower. Rain water gives your garden and your animals the exact nutrition they need and saves you money on your water bills and ruptured garden hoses.


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